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EBM – Class 1, single and 3 phase energy meters

The energy broadcast meter (EBM) is a class 1 billable meter. The meter is available in a single and three phase variation. Power consumption is indicated via a 7-digit tamper-proof counter showing kWh consumption and a red LED, pulsing at 1000 pulses per kWh. The meter has an IP54 (outdoor) rating. The EBM operates at a nominal current of 5 A and is rated up to 80 A. The units are produced in 120 V/ 60 Hz or 230 V/ 50 Hz derivatives. The indication LED is a tri-colour LED that provides feedback to the user with respect to the supply being measured as well as the health of the meter. A solid green LED indicates voltage but no current. If the current exceeds 15 mA, the LED will flash green. At 4% of the nominal current, the meter enters normal operation mode and will be red in colour.


The meter has two communication protocols which allows for remote monitoring. The first is a short broadcast system (SBS) for short-range inbound meter reading. The broadcasts are sent on the power lines at a 125 kHz carry frequency. The SBS function provides build information as well as energy consumption activities. The SBS function also provides information with respect to the health of the meter. Broadcast intervals are 15 minutes apart or every 1 kWh consumed. For more advanced installations requiring remote monitoring, the EBM is fitted with a LIN (Local Interconnect network) bus connection. This allows for automated meter reading and audit record extraction. In addition, advanced meter diagnostics and field support are available.


The EBM has an impulse withstand up to 10 kV and can handle fault currents up to 10 kA for 40 ms. The meter can operate at currents of 160 A and voltage of 600 V for a period of 48 hours without damage to the unit. The meters can operate in temperatures between – 40 and 75 degrees and has automatic correction for component drift under extreme conditions.


The EBM is available in DIN and mini rail housings and is easily identifiable by shell colour, with mini rail being black and DIN coming in grey. The meters can be placed directly in the application or driven by an external CT. 

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