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Strategy & Product Development


CBI-electric: low voltage's vision is to distribute its products through a competent network that compliments the value chain. CBI has strategically utilised its distribution network to differentiate itself from competitors.

The distribution network is designed to not only offer customers easy access to CBI products but also to a full range of technical support services.

As the only local manufacturer of Circuit Breakers in South Africa, CBI-electric: low voltage is able to add value by empowering customers through the transfer of skills and information. Through various training and certification initiatives, CBI ensures that local labourers and engineers are able to get the most out of CBI's products.

These initiatives are just one of the many ways that CBI fulfills its vision of becoming the perfect partner in protection.

The CBI-electric: low voltage distribution network is expansive and ever growing. Over the past twenty years, CBI has expanded into a variety of markets throughout Africa, North America, Europe, the Far East and Australia.

Engineering and Product Development

CBI-electric: low voltage commits to continuously developing new technology and intellectual property. A substantial design and development capability has been established with approximately 4% of total staff being employed in the R&D Department. They include professional engineers, technologists and technicians who have won many national design awards over the past two decades.

With access to the latest 3D modelling computer software, CBI engineers design the specialised tools required for the production of every individual component found in the electrical Circuit Breakers manufactured. Thus, from this early stage, CBI-electric: low voltage has the capability to design customised products, able to satisfy any customer’s individual needs.

CBI-electric: low voltage owns the intellectual property rights to all products manufactured by the company, making CBI a global leader in the development of electrical protection products based on hydraulic magnetic technology.

Global Footprint

Through an international partnership with HEINEMANN ELECTRIC, the CBI-electric Group has established offices across the globe in the U.S.A., Australia and Germany.

Founded in 1888 in the U.S.A., HEINEMANN ELECTRIC was one of the pioneering companies in the rapidly growing business of installing industrial and residential wiring systems. HEINEMANN ELECTRIC Pty Ltd was established in Australia in 1959 and today known as CBI-electric: Australia is one of the largest Australian manufacturers and distributors of Circuit Breakers and Circuit Breaker Switchboards.

CBI-electric: North America, based in Exton, Pennsylvania, distributes Circuit Breakers for Equipment, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers and Auxiliary products for the protection of installations and equipment against overload and short circuit.