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CBI launches new Astute Range of IoT smart products

CBI-electric: low voltage’s newly launched Astute Range of Smart IoT products can be used in residential, commercial, agricultural and light industrial applications to remotely switch geysers, lights, underfloor heating, pool pumps, etc. via the CBI Home App.


The Astute Range currently includes the Astute Smart Controller (ASC), the Astute Smart Isolator (ASI) and Astute Smart Plug (ASP), with more products in the pipeline for this range.  The Astute Devices are energy monitoring, scheduling and control switches with both load management and automation capabilities.  


The new Astute Smart Range fulfils the need for a reliable switch that is quickly installed and simple to set up, all within a compact form factor.  “The current trend for energy and cost savings, as well as a reduced carbon footprint, calls for load control,” states Larry Barnes, Product Manager at CBI-electric. “The consumer also wants a ‘set-and-forget’ solution easily accessible on their mobile phone”.


The CBI Home App enables the user to configure and automate the Astute Device to react to any change in current, voltage, time, power, and many other variables or a combination thereof. The CBI Home App allows the user to set up seven-day scheduling and automation according to time, weather conditions and much more.  Energy usage can also be monitored on the App.  The usage is displayed in daily and monthly graphs. The App is available on the App Store or on Google Play.


Consumers can achieve energy and cost savings by installing the ASI on geysers, air conditioners, and underfloor heating, to name a few. Business owners can use the devices to automatically switch billboard/storefront signage off after midnight to save costs and energy. The ASC is perfect for automating lights at home or the office as well as ensuring that driveway or security lights are activated at night. The ASC is also suited for automating pool pumps and water features.  ASP can be used to automate lamps according to day/night and to monitor appliances' energy consumption, such as dishwashers, fridges and washing machines.


In addition to the standalone scheduling and energy monitoring features, the consumer can set up an energy management scenario through the automation of multiple installed Astute Devices.  As an example, the user can setup an automation between a pool pump and geyser.  When the pool pump is switched on and the current exceeds the user-defined maximum rating of the energy consumption setting, the supply to the hot water geyser will be temporarily interrupted. The geyser will be reconnected when the pool pump current is reduced or the pool pump is switched off.


The only requirements to use the Astute range are a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi with an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet.  The Astute Devices allow for multiple ON / OFF programs and also have manual by-pass capabilities with ON / OFF control.


The ASC is compact with both DIN and Mini rail mount options.  Both the ASC and ASI are rated for single-phase, 50Hz at 230V with a maximum resistive load of 30 A for geysers, underfloor heating, and lights, and a maximum inductive load of 10A for pool pumps and air conditioners.  It can be combined with a contactor to switch higher currents or three-phase loads if required.  The ASI has a fluorescent strip on the lever for easy, manual switching when installed at the geyser.  The ASP features SA and Euro Sockets and is rated at 16 A, 240 V.  The ASC is certified to SANS 60730-2-7, the ASI to IEC 60947-3 and the ASP to SANS 164; and all devices are ICASA approved. Both the ASC and ASI have one output channel per device.


For more information on the Astute Range visit www.cbi-lowvoltage.com/astute or contact us at astute@cbi-electric.com.

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