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Useful Articles

LV circuit breakers: a yardstick to service life

When determining whether an installed circuit breaker should be replaced or not, safety is the main priority. When fuses were phased out in the 1950s and the changeover to circuit breakers began, the new technology required a deviation from surface-mounted installations towards distribution panels.

Imitation isn’t flattery – it’s MURDER!


Counterfeit and imitation devices may ignite and burn under normal load conditions because they are produced without even the most basic quality control measures. These fake devices fail the most lenient tests prescribed by the compulsory standards.

Since counterfeit and imitation devices are not compliant, the installation is not protected, nor is the Certificate of Compliance valid.

Authentic CBI devices are guaranteed to comply with numerous international standards as well as the local compulsory standards. Authentic CBI devices will protect, always.

Energy Efficiency


CBI-electric: low voltage manufactures and distributes two load shedding devices namely the Energy Control Unit (ECU) and the Load Control Relay (LCR) used as a measure to improve energy efficiency.

How you can help prevent power cuts

Recent events in the Cape have brought the reality of large-scale power cuts into our homes and businesses. And despite the expedited return to service (RTS) initiatives on a number of mothballed power stations, power outages are likely to remain an annoying and costly part of our lives for years to come.

Gentlemen, Start your motors.


Last month CBI invited customers to test their motor control skills at the BMW advanced driving track.