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Process Engineer

Updated 1 month ago
Minimum Requirements

Purpose of this position

To act as the single point of responsibility for the technical production engineering function as regards production, logistics and assembly processes within the CBI Process Engineering Department.


Main Responsibilities          

The main duties include inter alia the following:

i)          Accept single point of responsibility for technical support for the relevant departments with specific reference to:

a)         Process and material development, specification and commissioning.

b)         Procedures and documentation.

c)         Continuous Improvement and Cost Reduction initiatives and exercises.

d)         Machine, Process and Tooling: proofing, capacity and capability studies.

e)         Manpower training.

f)          Maintenance schedules and requirements.

g)         Costing, including Efficiency and Utilization reports.

ii)         Support development projects as a member of multifunctional teams with specific reference to configuration and baseline management with reference to the above functions.

iii)         Accept that the incumbent has pivotal role to play in initiating a supporting Process Engineering elements such as Design for Manufacture, Design for Assembly and Design to Cost in the course of his/her daily activities.

iv)        Establish and maintain Production Targets and Capacity Plans as required by the relevant Production Managers.


Qualifications and Skills Requirements:

The suitable candidate should have at least the following qualifications, skills and experience:

i)          A Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical or Mechanical engineering science.

ii)         A minimum of three years’ experience in a mass production (preferably electro-mechanical) environment, in a capacity similar to that contemplated above.

iii)         Proven technical capability in terms of developing and specifying Processes, Equipment and Tooling.

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Product Development Engineer - Design / Test (Electrical / Electronics)

Updated 4 weeks ago
Minimum Requirements

The Purpose                           

The work and responsibilities associated with the position may involve inter alia the various engineering disciplines employed in the design, development and testing of electrical protection products, i.e. circuit breakers, earth leakage products as well as metering products.

Main Responsibilities              

The main duties include inter alia the following:

  • Specify, design, develop and evaluate electrical / electronic products, subsystems or components.
  • Assist in the design, development and/or evaluation of customer applications.
  • Participate in failure diagnostics processes as required for customer and product support.
  • Specify and evaluate the electrical attributes of electrical protection products (circuit breakers, earth leakage, surge protection) and energy metering products, their subsystems and components.
  • Design or assist in the upgrading of existing electrical test equipment or systems and/or the design of new test equipment.
  • Detailed analysis of test results and where necessary failure analysis to initiate corrective actions.
  • Applying best practice methods and procedures for testing electro-mechanical components or sub-systems.
  • General understanding of the manufacturing and production processes.
  • Establish best methods, practices and processes required to achieve the required reproducibility and repeatability in manufacturing CBI products.                              

Qualifications and Skills Requirements:

The suitable candidate must have at least the following qualifications, skills and experience:

  • B Eng (Electrical / Electronic) or better.
  • Ideally the incumbent should have 3 year experience in a similar product development/test disciplines.
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of product/test system development procedures and methodologies

And have the ability to:

  • Work independently or in a team
  • Develop or support software / firmware in one or more of the popular software languages, i.e. Labview.

And an advantage will be:

  • Knowledge in the safe use of electrical and/or electronic protection systems
  • Familiar with the principles and discipline of baseline and project management

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